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Fab Habitat recognises that every home is different and because of this, we like to make sure that we cover any and every living situation and lifestyle with our range of doormats online, using recycled materials.


Nothing is more welcoming to a home than a doormat, a quintessential décor option of every house. Whether it’s a colourful print or a simple ‘Welcome’, a front doormat is the best way to greet guests and family into your home.


A doormat is the perfect way to separate the indoor and outdoors, having an outdoor doormat is the perfect way to make sure that there’s no dirt or debris from the day brought into the house, saving you time on vacuuming and scrubbing!


Not all living situations make having an outdoor mat feasible, so that’s why we have indoor mats at Fab Habitat. These are perfect for people who live in apartments or simply love how a mat looks inside and we don’t blame you!


We have so different designs, colours and sizes to choose from that you have a doormat for every single part of your home. Sometimes bare flooring can seem too sparse and cold, adding doormat adds texture and warmth to a bland entry. If you get sick of the doormat being in the same place there’s no need to put it in storage just take it outdoors or indoor, our mats are multi-use saving you both money and time.


Fab Habitat places a strong emphasis on using environmentally friendly materials and socially conscious production. This way you know that the products you are purchasing for your home have met the highest quality and ethical standards.


We carry this ethos through our entire product range, that means the matching ottoman or wall art you purchase is also manufactured sustainably. Allowing you to shop and know that you are reducing your carbon footprint and advocating Fair Trade Practices. Enjoy browsing through our extensive offer of indoor/outdoor doormats and feel good knowing that every purchase you make is one more step to a more sustainable environment.